• Over 170 million North Americans have reported that they are too intimidated to go to the gym.

     We have the power to change this..

  • Over 170 million North Americans have reported that they are too intimidated to go to the gym.

     We have the power to change this..

Yet, there isn't a size-diverse approach taught in

fitness leadership programs.

Many plus-size people have a long history of facing:

  • Broken relationship with exercise

  • All or nothing relationship with fitness

  • Body Rejection both internal and societal

  • Feelings of not belonging in wellness spaces

  • Generational messages of body hate

  • Fitness Trauma

  • Weight Stigma

  • Fear of failure, judgement, or injury

  • Inability to perform like other gym-goers which creates an element of shame

  • Negative experiences in fitness spaces

Fifteen years of knowledge and experience condensed into fifteen hours

"This course should be essential for gyms, trainers and other professionals within the health & wellness space to keep their offerings current - as the industry shifts from exclusive and limiting to a broader audience of accepting all bodies. The insight and community connection was invaluable for not only my personal growth but also my business!"

 "I wish this course had been around when I first certified as a personal trainer – I have been looking for something like this for years! Louise created a supportive learning environment and shared an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. I feel much more aligned with my anti-diet philosophy and better able to serve ALL my clients."

  • We know that plus-size fitness apparel is a 20 billion dollar industry, you will have the opportunity to tap into that buying power.

  • Size-Inclusivity is a high trend right now. Taking this course will position your business as a cutting-edge service.

  • Create true, lasting change in the lives of thousands of people.

  • You will become a known expert who specializes in size-inclusivity and gain rapport with this community.

  • You will authentically coach your clients without the risk of being off-putting or intimidating.

  • You can tap into an underserved audience of millions of people with confidence and the right training.

  • You will have a unique understanding of how to market and attract a massive new audience currently sitting on the sidelines.

  • You will show your commitment and dedication to fitness for all sizes by officially completing this training.


Course Creator


Educator, Coach, Athlete, Speaker, Author

Course Creator


Educator, Coach, Athlete, Speaker, Author

Louise Green is a celebrated author, influencer, and award-winning fitness trainer who has been changing the narrative of our fitness culture since 2007.


Louise is a master trainer, banking over 20,000 training hours, specializing in size-inclusive fitness.


Louise is the founder of Big Fit Girl (the brand) and a fitness app of the same name; she has published two books, and she writes a monthly fitness column in SELF Magazine.  Louise’s work has impacted thousands of people from around the globe.  As a well sought-after speaker and educator, Louise also founded the Big Fit Academy to bring Size-Inclusivity to the mainstream through educating wellness professionals and brands.


Her unique approach to inclusive fitness has landed her many accolades:

  • Awarded 2021 Canada’s Top Trainers by IMPACT Magazine
  • Named one of the Top Trainers to follow by SELF Magazine
  • Body Confidence Canada Award Recipient in Health and Wellness
  • Listed as "One of Eight Badass Women Who Prove Fitness has no Size" by People Magazine
  • Chosen as one of Sixty “Barbie” Role Models Positively Impacting Girls by Mattel
  • Named Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers by Optimyz Magazine (3 years in a row)
  • Named 1 of 5 Canadian Women Boldly Changing the World for Women and Girls by Women of Influence.


Louise has partnered with many national brand campaigns helping hone the messaging that fitness has no size, most recently featured by Reitmans, Sport Chek, Mattel-Barbie, and Muscle Milk (Pepsi Corp).


Green tenaciously works towards making ‘Fitness for Everyone’ a daily reality.

Louise's Work Has Been Recognized by Countless Media Outlets

 "I highly recommend this course for anyone who seeks to help people in larger bodies get fit, especially newer fitpros and those who have traditionally specialized in weight loss. The material considers everything a person may encounter in their fitness experience, including marketing, gym atmosphere, building rapport, and programming for people in diverse bodies. This course should be a prerequisite for becoming a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or strength coach."


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